EZXNashville 1.2

EZXNashville is an instrument add-on application for EZdrummer/Superior Drummer
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EZXNashville 1.0 is a software instrument add-on application for EZdrummer or Superior drummer program users providing them with a library collection of over 10,000 samples including midi files for their studios.

The EZXNashville 1.0 uses Toontalk Percussive Compression and the sound recorded in this library of sticks; brushes, fingers and drums were all played by award winning musician Harry Stinson and produced by Chuck Ainly. The application integrates into eth EZdrummer program extending users’ libraries with a huge selection of percussive sounds.

Some of the instrument sounds featured in EZXNashville 1.0are, 4 Kickdrums of 16 x 22”; Felt Beater, No Snares, Plastic Beater, and an Open Felt Beater. 6 Snaredrums are featured including 4 Ludwig Black Beauties for a 70’s style sound, and 9 Toms (6 Racktoms and 3 Floortoms), as well as 2 Hats and 4 Cymbals in position 1. The Cymbals Section in position 1 includes 3 Sabian AA types and 1 Finger Splash. There are two other sets of Cymbals – Position 2 which has 3 from the Sabian Vault series and 1 Finger Crash, and Position 3 – which has 2 Sabian AA Medium thin crashes, a Sabian Vault Crash and a Finger Crash. The instrument library also includes 4 Rides of Zildjian 1960, Sabian HH Medium Heavy Ride, a Zildjian with Brushes and a Sabian Finger Ride. Finally, there are 3 Chinas included; a Sabian AA Chinese Sizzle, and another with brushes, and a Finger Chinese Sizzle.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Huge addition to percussive library


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